Volunteer 2020

Snowflake icon  Due to safety and health state requirements resulting from the COVID-19 virus, Christmas House will not be open to shoppers in 2020. In keeping with our goal to help low-income families provide a joyous Christmas for their children, we have provided 7,500 gifts to Snohomish County food banks that have agreed to distribute gifts to clients with children age 0-12, plus provided 780 gifts to other locations.

How You Can Help:

  • Check with your local food bank in mid-November to see about volunteering at their location. 
  • Volunteer at Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop all year long. They provide refurbished bikes to Christmas House each year and will be filling bike requests this year as best they can.
  • Donate a gift at any of the locations listed on our Donation Sites web page.
  • Donate cash and/or see other ways to donate on our Donate page.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and hope to see you next year.