Gift Ideas

Christmas House strives to preserve the dignity of families who use our services. We offer new merchandise and items we would see fit to give our own families as gifts. We want every child who receives gifts through Christmas House to wake up Christmas morning with new gifts under their tree. We accept new items and also accept “like-new” books, plus used bicycles that have been routed through a partner charity “Sharing Wheels” who refurbishes used bikes and then donates them to us during December. Other used clothing, toys and items should be donated to other local non-profit organizations.

Donated gifts can be delivered to Christmas House during our open hours in December. Due to limited storage facilities, special arrangements need to be made for donations of merchandise during the rest of the year. To make arrangements or ask questions, call 425-338-2273, or e-mail

Items Needed

When the store is open to shoppers, qualifying parents are assisted by a volunteer with choosing multiple gifts for each of their children and one gift for the family.  In 2021 this totaled more than 38,610 items! We anticipate needing the following items for 2022:

Back Toy Pile

Children Gifts – Age 0 through 8 years old
Toys, toys and more toys!
– Small Gift Table – 2,900 gifts
– Large Gift Table – 2,900 gifts
– Stocking Stuffer Table – 2,900 gifts

Preteen Gift

Preteen Gifts – Age 9 – 12 years old
Preteens enjoy sports equipment, craft kits, jewelry boxes, electronic games and remote control cars.
– Small Gift Table – 1,550 gifts
– Large Gift Table – 1,550 gifts
– Stocking Stuffer Table – 1,550 gifts

Teen small gifts

Teen Gifts – Age 13 – 18 years old
Popular teen items include sporting goods, handheld electronic games, sleeping bags, cosmetic gift sets, watches, hair dryers, curling irons and jewelry boxes.
– Small Gift Table – 1,680 gifts
– Large Gift Table – 1,680 gifts
– Stocking Stuffer Table – 1,680 gifts

Stuffed Animals – All children
We will need 6,100 new stuffed animals this year.

Stocking Hats & Gloves– All Children
We plan to provide every child with a new pair of gloves or a warm winter stocking hat or scarf.
– Stocking Hats – 3,050 each
– Gloves – 3,050 pair

Family Gift – one item per family
Each family can select a Christmas item such as wrapping paper, ornaments, lights or decorations. We will need 2,100 items.

Books – All children
We will need 6,100 books.