Letters of Thanks

Snowflake icon  “A wonderful resource for families with children who need help having a wonderful Christmas. It was very organized but plan to be there a while. All the volunteers were so gracious and kind.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for helping to make my children’s Christmas special. It’s been a tough year for us but still feel blessed to have each other.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Tis the season and I want to say thank you to you and everyone who makes this gift giving for many families possible. It’s a huge blessing to so many children including my 3 children. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!” – Shopper

Snowflake icon “Thank you, thank you so much. God bless all of you.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “I was amazed at how awesome this place is!” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Getting to volunteer at Christmas House really makes my holiday season complete, so thank you for welcoming everyone, including me!” – June, Volunteer

Snowflake icon  “This is an amazing place and because of them thousands of children get to enjoy the magic of the holidays!” – Sarah, Facebook comment

Snowflake icon  “Thank you so much for the help that you did for my babies they will have smiles all over their face when they open their presents. God bless to all of you, your volunteers and the people who donated the presents.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon “We are proud to be associated with the work of Christmas House and hope this gift enables you to continue making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged families you serve so respectfully.” – EverTrust Foundation

Snowflake icon  “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing the service that you do! It made all the difference to my family this year. Eva was our “personal shopper” and she was absolutely phenomenal! She even helped me get a bike for my son, who was so incredibly ecstatic on Christmas morning and insisted on opening the rest of his gifts while sitting on it. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for your organization and the people who volunteer. Thank you again.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for blessing our family this year and for everything that you do. God bless.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the residents of Snohomish County. We truly appreciate you for making my kids’ Christmas a memorable one. With gratitude.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Thank you so much for your program. You gave me the opportunity to give my children some lovely gifts for Christmas! Thank you for all your compassionate caring volunteers. You have truly blessed me.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Just want to thank you all for putting in your own time to be here and help people. I really appreciate you. God bless you and thank you again for making people and kids happy.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon “Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Warm wishes to Santa’s helpers during this holiday season.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon “My husband and I were glad to volunteer. I tell everybody what a terrific organization Christmas House is. Thank YOU for all the time and effort you put in on this, helping SO MANY families have a wonderful holiday!” – Judy

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for all that you do for our community! It does not go unnoticed, and is very much appreciated!” – McClain insurance

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for all of the volunteers who donate so much time. Have a blessed New Year in 2014.” – Lamoureux Real Estate

Snowflake icon  ” Thank you for all you and your wonderful volunteers do and we hope everyone has the opportunity to celebrate a very Merry Christmas. We all had fun shopping for children and their families and we hope this, our second year of helping, becomes a tradition as long as the need exists.” – Mill Creek Garden Club

Snowflake icon  “Prisoners at the Washington State Reformatory, with the help of WSR staff, and Albertson’s of Monroe, held a chicken/ice cream fundraiser in November. Thanks to the price break that Albertson’s gave us, we were able to raise the enclosed amount ($997), and your charitable organization was picked to be the recipient. A lot of prisoners are able to relate to there not being any presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. The service that the Christmas House provides to the struggling families of Snohomish County at Christmas time is huge to us. We hope this check will help. Thank you for your service to our community.” – WSR prisoners, staff, and Albertson’s of Monroe

Snowflake icon  “Thank you so much for supporting the homeless children of Everett Public Schools at Christmas time. The parents of these kiddos are so grateful to be able to provide beautiful gifts for their families through your wonderful program. A special thanks to Pay Eylander who works so hard to make it happen for these families. She is a treasure and an angel! Thank you again. You made me smile everyday and some days, that isn’t easy!” – Mary Ellen

Snowflake icon “I just want to express my deep gratitude for helping our family at Christmas! It is such a huge blessing to have Christmas House as a resource for my family! Every year I am moved to tears as I see what is provided to my four children through the generosity of your program! Christmas Blessings.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for making Christmas special for all the families in need. A personal ‘thanks’ from us. God bless all of you and have a Merry Christmas!” – Shopper

Snowflake icon  “Thank you very much for giving us the wonderful sharing, kindness and helpfulness that comforts us this season. This completes our peace at Christmas. May God give back a million times more in this program. Merry Christmas.” – Mary Jean

Snowflake icon “The help this year is really going to be a nice thing.” – Shopper

Snowflake icon “Thank you for all that you do for Snohomish County families! For a couple of the past four years, these were the only gifts my three children received.  You “MADE” our Christmas! The feelings of giving back a little this year when I volunteered were immeasurable! God Bless You!” – Lori

Snowflake icon “I have a friend that is low on money for Christmas this year and she had to choose between a place to live or presents for her daughter. She chose the obvious. So that is were the American Girl doll came in. I won the doll in the Christmas House raffle and decided to give it to her daughter. I believe that every child deserves at least one present for Christmas. So from me, thank you for giving her a Christmas that she will remember for ever.” – Leilah

Snowflake icon “Thank you for all that you do.” – Everett Public Schools Educational Services Center

Snowflake icon “Thank you, and especially Pat Eylander, for welcoming over 300 homeless student’s parents to shop for Christmas this year. They were so excited when they would call me for confirmation! It really did my heart good to be able to get support for more of our families.  Pat is an absolute jewel, and you all are angels!” – Mary Ellen, Everett Public Schools

Snowflake icon “Please use this gift (check) in your great effort to provide gifts for needy children.” – Contributor

Snowflake icon  “It is a pleasure for me to donate to Christmas House, because I know from personal experience how much it can mean to the whole family when a parent is able to pick out something special for his children even though he might not have the money to buy a gift. I grew up in northeastern Colorado, where in 1956 my father was hospitalized in the Denver VA Hospital for many months with a brain tumor. He was released from the hospital temporarily so that he could be home for Christmas. Before he came home, he was invited by a volunteer organization at the hospital to select Christmas presents for his family at a small store they had set up. Like your organization, they provided the gifts with no cost to the patients. My dad was so proud to be able to bring us things he had picked out himself! We were, of course, very happy that he could come home for Christmas, and the gifts he brought were a welcome bonus. I was ten years old at the time, and I still remember the presents: a wallet for my mom, a set of Lincoln Logs for my brother (a future engineer), and a book Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, for me (a bookworm and future librarian). I am grateful for the work done by people like you!” – Connie

Snowflake icon  “Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer this year. I loved working with the computer input and enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and Directors in charge. It was a great experience. I am amazed by the organization and how well everything flowed to care for over 200 shoppers every day. Kudos to you all. May the Lord continue to bless you all through the year as you diligently strive for donations to serve families in Snohomish County. I hope they exceed all your expectations.” – Marion

Snowflake icon  “Christmas House gives me a smile every year. I like seeing everyone so happy.” – Donald